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Tonight I would like to direct everyone’s attention towards this series of eye candy:

She is my first Welsh friend and possibly my only Welsh friend… we met on livejournal a decade ago (how time flies!) and is not only extremely talented and creative, ampoule but one of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. She’s one of those (whom I lovingly call in my own, check private jargon that I use for personal mnemonic bookmarking, sildenafil if that makes any sense) “faerie people” – like Johanna Ost and Liselotte Eriksson, for example, which she is actually friends with (click the links if you don’t understand why I call them “faerie people”).

You can visit her deviantART gallery, her blog linked above, her livejournal and other places that she’s linked elsewhere and I’m sure you can find on your own.

I’ve been an admirer of her works for years, and can proudly say I own an original (one of my personal treasures!).
These are some of my favorites, more recent works picked from her galleries.

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Browsing the colorful world of devART I came across this young lady’s gallery and saw that she was taking commissions, website so I couldn’t help myself. (She still is, erectile if you’d like one.)

Isn’t it amazing?
I KNOW. Thanks again, Miss Kate, I am very happy.

She’s done portraits of other popular ladies of the web, which you can find at her devART gallery.

Some more of her artwork:

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This video below is one of the prettiest animations and most entertaining stories I’ve come across in a while.
I found it through someone who posted it on tumblr and just had to share it one more time.
Actually, buy more about maybe I just want it on my blog to look at it time and again.
(Turn off the music on the left by pressing “pause.”)

The Tale of How from Shy the Sun on Vimeo.

Now, medicine onto personal matters.
I have no material to add because I’ve been caught up in other things.

Lately I feel my hours pouring into nothingness… like staring at the sand falling trickling inside an hourglass, visit web then turning it over to watch it again, and so on and so on.
I know this is only temporary, but meanwhile it just has me confused.

I dream so vividly… I need, very badly, to scrape out all the noise inside my head.
I’ve been trying, but nothing is working, not right now. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough, or maybe I need to pay the ocean more frequent visits.
I find underwater music to be the most soothing.
Maybe if I listen for long enough I might memorize some, for my mind to play back for me when I need to block out the unbearable ruckus that has me exhausted.

But this is all my problem.

Wings are in the workshop and I might stop being cryptic when I finally draw the map.

Since I’ve basically written nothing but metaphor, I’ll compensate with a photo.

I’ll be back when I’m back.


I just sent out the first Aesthete award to Miss Sophie Cerveny, cialis my dear friend of many years and popular webmistress.
She also happens to be my hostee! Click on the award to visit her.

I also want to recommend this awesome new project that belongs to someone whose identity I think he wants to remain undisclosed.
Worth the listen, please add them to your myspace if you care to!
And you really should care to.
The name says it all.

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I just had to show off this photo at some point, drug because I think it’s fabulous.
My friend Annie Méduse, life film student and photographer, shot an amazing set that I am so excited still to have been a part of (though shot months ago) playing on gender by modifying the appearances of her models (as you can see). The set, unfortunately, is not available for public eyeballing at her deviantART gallery, but a handful of beautiful photos are.

Thank you Uvita, for teaching me how to apply fake facial hair.

As for website updates, I’m giving out awards now.
Does anyone still even do that? I should know, but I don’t surf as much as I should (or should not, rather), but as I said in my very first post, I revel in old internet habits. I’ve kept a personal website for 10 years and this is the very first time I offer awards to people, when the custom is probably obsolete. BUT I DO IT ANYWAY.

I’d totally want this if I weren’t the one grating it:

It has Proust on it.

Obviously, there is no one linked yet because I just added the page, but I would love to add some names to the right hand column.
Interested? Please click here.

On another note, I’m selling a box full of old clothes that no longer fit (either my size or my age… *ahem*),
and they will be up for auction at gothauctions until they are gone. Some pieces have already found new homes (thank goodness).
If you’re curious, please click here. It’s mostly tops and skirts, most in black, most sized M/L.
I accept trades as well. Not necessarily money.

It’s almost 4am and I should get to bed now, so that’s what I’ll do.
Perhaps drinking tea until late hours of the night and early hours of the morning is not such a good idea.

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It’s a short student film directed by my friend Hernán.
I love how absolutely everything is contemporary (if you notice the prices on supermarket labels and such) yet it has such a vintage feel… maybe because Puerto Rico is pretty “vintage” itself, cialis 40mg and not in the good way.

It’s quite poetic.

global burden of disease 0,40,0″>

Arroz con Balas from Hernan Rodz on Vimeo.

If you’re viewing from my website, please make sure to click the “pause” button on the music player on your left.

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