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It’s 1:11 am and I’m still up, search and so overwhelmed by everything I want to do on my last vacation night – so overwhelmed, side effects that I have achieved absolutely nothing.

I spent part of the night grading tests, generic because on Monday I go back to work again, and work was so easily forgotten this past week! Even though it wasn’t particularly vacation-y… I went to bed late, picked up abandoned books, spent time online doing not much (though I reconnected with a few abandoned friends) and spent real time with some of my best friends. Sometimes I don’t realize how much I miss my friends until I see them again… kind of like old habits. I didn’t realize just how unlike myself I’ve been feeling since I started this new, repetitive schedule of going to bed early – to wake up early – to come home and work.

I’ve heard it from several people, more than once, that you have to make time to do the things you love, and this is something I intend to do, because even though one never really loses oneself, you might forget yourself from time to time… the prospects of that terrify me, not to mention, sicken me in a subtle way that make me feel dulled, restrained and absolutely miserable (but only to a tolerable degree). Because I always, on the brink of the unmentionable, have little bouts of insanity, sometimes painful, that bring it all back.

And, on the subject of work (pouring my heart out here still seems like an intimate thing to do, since I know only a very few read me, though I’m about to promote a change in that), more than once I’ve heard myself labeled “teacher,” which bugs me. “Oh, no, no, no, I’m not a teacher!” Though I am, I am not. The term as defining seems so limiting and dull… no matter who says it (a student, for instance). But I mean it in the context in which I’ve heard it used (more than once), as if what my work at this moment defined me as a person.

I am so much more comfortable undefined, even when I can’t figure it out for myself: I don’t care to.

End of rant.

(It’s late. )

Now, switching to something completely different… are you on bloglovin?

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I remember Sophie telling me about this months ago, but I am slow to do anything suggested sometimes… Not sure to what extent I enjoy the privacy of anonymity I’ve enjoyed thus far, I guess we’ll see…

To break the monotony of letters, I made another gif of my face, this time with a wig (also making a statement about wigs, a mini-rant I included with a shot on facebook), enjoy (if you enjoy that type of thing).

And back on the subject of things I want to do, all at once, but ended up ranting here instead, I really love painting and got back into it because I was commissioned by my uncle to paint something for him (which I haven’t started because he owes me a reference pic). But I finished an owl painting I started about a year ago (and abandoned about a year ago), and everyone likes the outcome (including myself). Click for larger image. Or click here for devation.

I finally bought myself a camera… all I need now is to start taking pictures (something else I wanted to do tonight but didn’t bring myself to). Hopefully, I’ll be photobombing soon.

And something that deserves a fair mention (on the subject of picking up abandoned books that I didn’t continue reading tonight), my friend Miguel published a book which is, so far, possibly too good to ever become ridiculously popular. Click it and follow the White Rabbit.

Anyway, there will be a very interesting and interactive presentation on August the 23rd (announced with specifics here) and I was invited to be a reader! Along with Daniel Pommers (El Esqueleto Presenta). I think this is pretty rad and I’m excited.

Plugs related to this: Generación del Atardecer Presenta | Postdandyexpress | Cosmos Burlesco fb page | Gato Malo Editores | Le Papillon


Now it’s 2.

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I think this update will be more pleasant for us both if I sort it by topics. So here goes.

  • I made a gif of my face for giggles. Hi.



 My friend Krisia (which you should go LIKE on facebook) took some photos of me in April, prostate we had such an amazing day! (You can read all about it and see the photos over here, if you’d like, by the way). Anyway, she had an expo last month, and I was surprised to find that this piece was among them! She did other portraits of girls based on her own photos of them which were also there, and this awesome one of a kind art book:

Click the images to visit her website, I invite you to stalk her.

  • Now. About Stars Like Fish… a couple of things.

If you’re thinking about buying it, I recommend you buy it from me on Etsy. It will be signed, customized and I’ll include little extras. Maybe. But it’s cheaper than online bookstores and probably more fun.

On that subject, OH MY GOSH, my internet friend forever Teresa wrote such a heartwarming comment on my book… please, please go read it. I’m kind of afraid of what people have to say about it (though also insanely curious), but Tere knows me and what it’s all about, plus she’s an intelligent, creative (and pretty) girl of letters and whatnot, so you might understand why it means so much to me. I snatched an image of hers:

Also: the book has some errors. Some typos, some mix-ups. I almost DIED when I started discovering them, even after I had edited myself (literally) ad nauseam. I had nightmares for days that I re-read the book and it was all nonsense, that there were tons of typos on each page… blah. New files have been uploaded, so new online buyers will get the error-free version (or, the less-error version). However, those of you who have the typo’d version: feel free to proofread it with a brightly colored pen, I will not feel disrespected at all.

I suppose the problem was that: editing it myself. Next time, I will hire some friends to do it for me. Not sure how to repay them, though… if you’re up for it, let me know. (Half serious. Emphasizing serious.)

Also, I’ve been getting interesting and very positive feedback from friends. THANK YOU.

On some of them comments I’ve gotten, here’s the advice I give to everyone: READ THE STORIES IN ANY ORDER, like the middle, working your way randomly. It was not written in order, and it isn’t meant to have a chronological order. Rather, it’s circular, coiling into itself.

And, paraphrasing my BFF María, don’t read it from start to finish in one sitting.

But then again, if you have it in your hands, it’s your book, read it however you want.

I’m really motivated to finish the one in the works.

  • On the subject of reading, click this link! No. I tricked you, if you’re here, you probably don’t read more academical papers, but if you like poetry and understand Spanish (even though the comment is written in English, click it).


  • Site-related: I have a new affiliate! Krystal is totally cool and it makes me happy to see girls on the web who still keep domains and quality personal websites rather than just a pre-designed blog. I may be hunting for more… if you’d like to affiliate with me, please contact me via any method in this site! Shoutbox, comment, any of my social sites. Please!


  •  And finally, for those of you to whom this is relevant, keep an eye on my GothAuctions, CyberThrift or Auctions @ a-e  because I just did some closet cleaning and will probably be posting some Demonia shoes, Lip Service, Tripp NYC and other Hot Topic-key items because life and age are un-gothing my existence. Well, mostly my closet, never my spirit. I’m also selling off my Living Dead Dolls (not all of them)…


  • I suppose that’s pretty much it for now, internet.

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So in November I turned 27… should be a lucky year for me, medicine considering my little numerology superstition. Soon the world will have had 30 years of Narco and I will be on the very edge of growing up. Whatever that means. I had a lovely birthday week thanks to my lovies (my closest friends), who, up close and from a distance, sent me lovely words and gifts. My birthdays are always amazing because I receive unexpected gifts from unexpected people, and nothing makes me more appreciated. Nothing makes me feel more guilt-tripped, either, because I usually forget important people’s birthdays, even with all the virtual reminders.

My ever so gothic cake, one of my best friends Velvet‘s presents, delivered by herself and Viktor:

the flames were multicolored!


I spend a pleasant Halloween thanks to Velvet, who came to pick me up, and got to see some of the people I miss the most. No costume, as usual, just fake lashes and a corset:

halloween face

When I last updated, I was unemployed, which I enjoyed for a week. That same week I was lucky enough to receive a phonecall for another job. I’m now teaching at a local college. Awesomesauce.

On the other hand, I’ve procrastinated with applications, so the pursuit of my PhD has been delayed possibly by another year. Though the experience has been deeply enlightening.

Working takes time away from the things I really want and probably need to do. I’ve put off writing, “art” and even reading to prepare lesson plans and grade papers and things. Such is the life that I chose.

Inbetween, I’ve been drawing a series of mermaids for Velvet, quick color pencil sketches, some of which I’m proud. Do cover your eyes if you’re a minor, I try to keep my website nipple-free in case it comes across conservative eyes of judgment (you never know):

In other news, I’m clearing out my closet one more time. I’ve posted an insane amount of auctions at GothAuctions, which are also viewable on cyberthrift. You’d be helping me out if you adopted some of my clothes, spatially and financially. Though most auctions start at a dollar. But that would help me pay my hosting fee for a-e, which is one of those near-forgotten tiny corners of the internet that I refuse to give up.




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Sometimes I wonder why I pay Dreamhost more than I can afford every year just to keep this personal website, no rx from which I gain absolutely nothing but the hollow satisfaction of owning a domain that is all mine.
I was hoping the void would be filled when I adopted multiple hostees
(thank you, phlebologist Sophie, injection for keeping Stardust alive and pretty!).
But alas, nobody is in need of some of the fabulous space that I have to offer, so it’s just me, Sophie and April (my two hostees) in an empty mansion that, ideally, houses hundreds of people.
But it’s just the three of us.

Yes, this is, besides a rant, an invitation. If you’re interested and don’t know where to click, here. I found it for you.

I had a few ideas floating around that have yet to concrete themselves or rather,
projects in pieces that have yet to complete themselves or rather,
things I just need to finish because nothing does itself.
Because ideas come into my head whole… everything else is just the details.

One of those things that I actually started a while ago and finally finished recently is a fanlisting for my amazing friend’s band, NG-PRO. Because why not? Fanlistings need to make a comeback.
Here you go:

Click it, join it, add the cute little 50×50 buttons to your fandom walls.
Especially if you’re not from Puerto Rico, because it’s just me and my friends listed right now, which are all from PR.
Variety would be nice.

And speaking of variety! I handed out the first ever Intellectual award to my friend Diana, because I always enjoy her reflections and sense of humor. She deserves Proust’s mustache. Doesn’t it look snazzy?

And for an “oh-my-gawd-why-does-she-do-this?” moment, yet another beautiful piece of art by my friend Gitte.
She has done more things you may be looking at over at my tumblr.

Also, I’m auctioning off clothes and dolls and trinkets, and anything I can find that I no longer want but that someone else might over at GothAuctions. Click and bid, I’m selling cheap.
I really need to:

  1. get rid of stuff (yes, I forgot to mention that I’ll be moving very, very soon)
  2. earn some money to pay some bills, including the one for this domain which is due… soonish.

No, I’m not buying more of that girl’s soaps.

And finally… please leave a shout at my new shoutbox located somewhere around there? ————————->

The old one, which held messages from you guys since 2004, wouldn’t load for days, so I’m supposing something is irreparably wrong with it and starting over. The problem is this website doesn’t get much action anymore.
Shout and make me happy!

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Tonight I would like to direct everyone’s attention towards this series of eye candy:

She is my first Welsh friend and possibly my only Welsh friend… we met on livejournal a decade ago (how time flies!) and is not only extremely talented and creative, ampoule but one of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. She’s one of those (whom I lovingly call in my own, check private jargon that I use for personal mnemonic bookmarking, sildenafil if that makes any sense) “faerie people” – like Johanna Ost and Liselotte Eriksson, for example, which she is actually friends with (click the links if you don’t understand why I call them “faerie people”).

You can visit her deviantART gallery, her blog linked above, her livejournal and other places that she’s linked elsewhere and I’m sure you can find on your own.

I’ve been an admirer of her works for years, and can proudly say I own an original (one of my personal treasures!).
These are some of my favorites, more recent works picked from her galleries.

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Browsing the colorful world of devART I came across this young lady’s gallery and saw that she was taking commissions, website so I couldn’t help myself. (She still is, erectile if you’d like one.)

Isn’t it amazing?
I KNOW. Thanks again, Miss Kate, I am very happy.

She’s done portraits of other popular ladies of the web, which you can find at her devART gallery.

Some more of her artwork:

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I just had to show off this photo at some point, drug because I think it’s fabulous.
My friend Annie Méduse, life film student and photographer, shot an amazing set that I am so excited still to have been a part of (though shot months ago) playing on gender by modifying the appearances of her models (as you can see). The set, unfortunately, is not available for public eyeballing at her deviantART gallery, but a handful of beautiful photos are.

Thank you Uvita, for teaching me how to apply fake facial hair.

As for website updates, I’m giving out awards now.
Does anyone still even do that? I should know, but I don’t surf as much as I should (or should not, rather), but as I said in my very first post, I revel in old internet habits. I’ve kept a personal website for 10 years and this is the very first time I offer awards to people, when the custom is probably obsolete. BUT I DO IT ANYWAY.

I’d totally want this if I weren’t the one grating it:

It has Proust on it.

Obviously, there is no one linked yet because I just added the page, but I would love to add some names to the right hand column.
Interested? Please click here.

On another note, I’m selling a box full of old clothes that no longer fit (either my size or my age… *ahem*),
and they will be up for auction at gothauctions until they are gone. Some pieces have already found new homes (thank goodness).
If you’re curious, please click here. It’s mostly tops and skirts, most in black, most sized M/L.
I accept trades as well. Not necessarily money.

It’s almost 4am and I should get to bed now, so that’s what I’ll do.
Perhaps drinking tea until late hours of the night and early hours of the morning is not such a good idea.

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It’s a short student film directed by my friend Hernán.
I love how absolutely everything is contemporary (if you notice the prices on supermarket labels and such) yet it has such a vintage feel… maybe because Puerto Rico is pretty “vintage” itself, cialis 40mg and not in the good way.

It’s quite poetic.

global burden of disease 0,40,0″>

Arroz con Balas from Hernan Rodz on Vimeo.

If you’re viewing from my website, please make sure to click the “pause” button on the music player on your left.

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My friend Naelle Devannah is a multi-talented, syringe violet-haired beast with a beautiful universe of an imagination.

She’s one of the most lovable people that I know and one of my favorite artists. So I’m inviting you to treat yourself to some eyecandy by clicking here for her deviantART gallery.  As a living, visit web breathing work of art, you might appreciate that many of her images are self-portraits.

I’m including a few favorites so you can have a taste.

Also check out her youtube channel for more adorable videos like this one:

If you tumble, you can also follow her here: vorticella and viruella (which features her own artwork).

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