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liebster award

I was nominated by my friends Sophie and Naelle, for sale but I have to choose one set of questions first… So I choose Naelle’s, though I may get around to answering Sophie’s as well. For old time’s sake – because this is what we used to do on a regular basis when we were all teenagers and blogged our fingers off, before the word “blog” was popular.

Brief history of the Liebster award:
The idea of the Liebster Award is to introduce newer blogs (with less than 200 Bloglovin Followers) to a wider audience, and give the bloggers a chance to share something about themselves.

1 Link back to the person who nominated you.
2 Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you.
3 Post 11 random facts about yourself.
4 Pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers (on Bloglovin) to answer your 11 questions.
5 You can’t nominate the person who nominated you!
6 Tell your 11 nominees you have nominated them.

Questions and answers:

1 If you were a monster,

how would you be?

I’d be covered in fur and I’d live in the forest, and I’d be friends with all the animals, and I’d sing them songs.
I’d climb trees to hide from people. I’d be like a benevolent Bigfoot, but with language.
Oh wait. That is me. If I were to quit being a member of society!

2 What are your 3 favourite

food plates?

Sushi rolls. Any rolls. Anything without chives in them.
Buttered mussels.
Loaded rice like Puerto Rican arroz-con-whatever or paella. Without onions in the sofrito (it CAN be done, people, onions are my nemesis).

3 What are your 3 favourite music albums

(current or “of all time”)?

I choose of ALL TIME.
I may go over this in my head, but these are the ones that come to mind, which have been favorites for years upon years, so they’re on top of the list because of their seniority… so they are not THE 3, but 3 of THE.

Die Form – L’ame Electrique
(Video NSFW)

Switchblade Symphony – Serpentine Gallery

(Also known as one of the albums that – possibly, literally – saved my life during my teens)

And One – Bodypop
Because, come on. Depeche Mode’s legacy.

4 What was the last

book you read?

I’m reading The Swinging Bridge by Ramabai Espinet for a PhD course, I’m enjoying it so far.

5 What was your

favourite childhood toy?

OH MY GOSH, my 90’s Littlest Pet Shop MASSIVE collection – which I still own. I got rid of most of my toys (ebay’ed, threw away as a kid), but I still have every single, teeny-tiny little pet brush and bowl. They discontinued them and often put those toys on clearance, so my mom spoiled me. I have the zoo, the Sea World collection, the hospital, and two of the pet shop cases. They’re all stored in Lisa Frank backpacks.

This is not my photo, it’s for reference… I have all of those, except for the kitty house. The bird  house is a family of tiny little cockatiels.



I have no idea what to do with them…

6 What’s your process to

achieve your dreams and goals?

I think about what I want a lot… I fantasize about it, then imagine it done.
I’ve wanted to make sigils and spells, but it’s the mental equivalent, I suppose.
Really, really want something, and do the work you have to do to achieve it. Sometimes it doesn’t come out the way you thought it would be, except in language… the circumstances sometimes are unpredictable, as well as the work that actually gets you there, but if you were to explain it, it’s essentially the goal.
I can say “5 years ago I thought I really wanted to do ‘this.'” And suddenly, one day, you realize you’ve done that and lots more along the way.
So the most basic element is to want something badly enough. If you don’t really want it, you won’t really put in any effort.

7 Who’s your favourite



This question is all kinds of unfair. But for a long time, I’ve had (and forget, but then remember) this huge crush on Salvador Dalí… not so much because of his art, which I just like, but as a character and a writer. Maybe I have yet to be dissuaded.

8 How do you imagine the future

(500 years from now)?

Like this:

9 What language would

you like to learn and why?

German. Because it would be so much more fun to quote Freud. Because so many terms and concepts are untranslatable… because I might read Wittgenstein and possibly, even Heidegger out loud at home for the lulz. And to sing songs in German knowing I’m not mispronouncing and not understanding save a few words.

Another reason is I found some German books (as in, to learn the language) at home, and it’s not that hard!

10 If you could be a planet,

how would it be? Describe it.

Pluto. With a wonky orbit and kicked out of the system… then people assessing their decision and being like “Wait, no, we were wrong, you’re totally legit, come back, Pluto.”

11 How do you combat

writer’s block?

For academic papers, I type the quotes I’m going to use (after the bibliography pages)  and explain them. That way, I don’t have to face a blank page, but I’ll have around 3 to 5 done, and it’s less intimidating… plus the texts I’m referencing might help me get my ideas going.

For creative work, I don’t… I don’t really get writer’s block, I just either write or I don’t (but I’m not as disciplined as I want to be!).


11 Random facts about Myself:

1 I love flower teas and flower flavored things.
2 I have been told repeatedly that the sound of my laughter is dorky.
3 I almost constantly have body aches. I’ve had two (small) windows of no pains in the past 3 years and thought “WOW. This is what it feels like when nothing hurts!” I forget what it feels like.
4 When I’m alone in my car for a long time, I sometimes make up lyrics to the parts of songs with no vocals, or sometimes I translate the lyrics to Spanish if the song is in English as I sing along (and they rarely ever make sense).
5 I always have mints in my purse.
6 I don’t chew gum because most of the time I end up violently chewing my cheeks by accident.
7 Squishy chewing noises awaken violent impulses in me that are otherwise dormant.
8 The older I get, the more easily I cry. I remember when I was much younger and sadder, I barely cried… now, I cry whenever I’m overwhelmed with ANY feeling, good or bad.
9 I have many pairs of high heels that I’ve never worn. I need to start going to places where impractical footwear is OK. (Unlike the hijinks I sometimes get into where I’ve been glad I’m wearing boots.)
10 My struggle to dye my hair a candy color is daily. Mein Kampf.
11 In my free time, I can be found WORKING.


Questions for the Nominees:

I know they may be repetitive, but I won’t ask for apologies!

1  Suppose you had an altar (if you don’t have one already)… describe it.
2  Tell us about your first paradigm shift.
3  Name a book that changed your life (at any moment in time)
4  What is your spirit animal?
5  What can you never get enough of?
6  Tell us about something you’re proud of. (An achievement, a virtue…)
7  Tell us about something you’re not at all proud of. (But dare reveal.)
8  We have all recently turned into grown ups. What realizations have you come to about this?
9  What do you do to cheer yourself up when you’re not feeling too great?
10  Did you start anything new this year? What?
11  Is there a single passion of yours that no one or nothing can come between? What is it?


My Nominees:

They may or may not be on bloglovin, they may or may not be updating and, they may or may not answer these questions (or find out about this at all). But I recommend you follow them anyway. I chose nominees that haven’t been nominated by my friends, you know, to not be a burden. But get click-happy! FOLLOW ALL THE BLOGS.

1 James
2 Naomi
3 Joana
4 Teresa
5 Susana
6 Monica
7 Viktor (again)
8 Engel Nomi
9 Maria
10 I’m pushing my luck.
11 Oh, well.


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